Your WHY Story

Your WHY Story

It has been said that the two greatest days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out WHY.
Why did you become an independent Consultant with Tea Queens? I’ve heard it said that when your why is clear, the how is easy.

Identifying your WHY in life is really important. It helps to serve as a roadmap for your life.
Not just in day to day life, but in your business life as well.

Our why here at Tea Queens is centered around providing you with an opportunity to create your own path to success while sharing a great cup of tea.

As you can see our why is very simple. This is what guides our every decision as we seek to support you as a Tea Consultant.

If you have not yet discovered your WHY yet, maybe take some time to ask yourself ‘what am I passionate about’ What brings me joy? When you list your passions, you can then create your why story. By sharing your story with others you will build lasting relationships,while growing your successful Tea business!

We would love you to share your WHY story with us!

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