What’s Up With Tea Queens Organic Teas?


Here at Tea Queens we believe not only in providing you with high quality, delicious tea, but being transparent about our product and procedure. As you may have noticed, there have been some inconsistencies across our organic tea labeling on the web, catalogs, and on our packaging. This is a result of some vendors changing their suppliers and other vendors delivering packages without the USDA organic seal. Out of an abundance of caution, we have removed the USDA organic seal from a handful of our teas. We will continue to investigate and reinstate the organic seal when we are 100% confident the teas meet not only USDA requirements but our own strict guidelines at Tea Queens as well. Please note some teas will continue to display the USDA logo on their packaging until we have moved through the previous inventory. A complete and correct list of organic teas can be found at anytime on the Tea Queens website by viewing all teas and sorting by organic.


Organic teas are grown to specific strict regulations. Each country sets their own standards as to what is considered organic. The United States’ organic requirements for tea focus strongly on the environmental impact of tea farms as well as dictating use of┬ánon-synthetic┬ápesticides and fertilizers. Organic tea farms tend to yield smaller crops that are often higher in antioxidant content due to their growing method. Organic certification does NOT regulate the quality of the final tea product, certain soil factors, and does allot for a small amount of foreign residues.


If it was feasible for us to carry nothing but organic tea, we’d be on top of it! Unfortunately, the strict USDA requirements have resulted in a very small amount of certified organic tea farms. Many tea farms have been in operation before the USDA regulations were set. Often these tea farms do not have the luxury of the years of “crop rest” or expenses required to become an organic tea farm. The tea farms that do produce organically pass the heightened costs to us. At Tea Queens we want to make sure we’re providing quality tea at an affordable price. How can we do this without the USDA seal?┬áMaximum Residual Level laws! The United States already regulates both pesticides AND heavy metal content in tea. Every tea we carry passes these strong regulations and we work only with vendors and farmers who go above and beyond these minimal regulations.

Are there benefits to drinking organic tea? Sure! Our goal is not to persuade in one way or another but to provide assurance that when you buy Tea Queens tea, organic or not, you’re buying high quality, delicious, and safe loose leaf leaf tea.

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