Tea Talk: Creative Tinspiration

Tea Talk: Creative Tinspiration

Last year during the summer, while cleaning and rearranging my tea collection, I realized I had a large mis-match of tins. I had recently been seeing others post their tea collections and a good majority of them were nicely organized with a scheme of some sort. Looking at my crazy mix of tins from many different companies, I realized nothing really jived and I wanted to do something about it. After doing some searching I found washi tape. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese culture. The Japanese are incredibly respectful and polite and their cleanliness is amazing (go ride on their trains and they will put ours, especially NY, to shame). So washi it was.


Washi is a traditional type of Japanese paper. One of the popular type of washi art is origami. But for my purposes I needed something adhesive and thus washi tape! It is made of rice paper and higher quality than most masking tape. It is fairly simple to work with, though I am still learning. There are many designs to choose from! At first I started off wrapping my own tins but then I thought maybe other people would like to buy tins along with their tea and so I bought tins and wrapped them for selling. The process doesn’t take very long, maybe 15 minutes at most. But I tend to not notice the time while I am doing it as I need my concentration. Generally I can only do it when my son is sleeping. I’ve included two of my favorites. The blue one above I love because blue is my favorite color and the green tin used as the cover photo for this blog reminds me of my favorite place to go, Hawaii.

– Tiffany Rupp, Independent Tea Consultant, MN

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