Tea Talk: Childhood Remedies and Long-Time Friends

Tea Talk: Childhood Remedies and Long-Time Friends

On this month’s Tea Talk we are following the story of Consultant Erica Goehring’s odyssey with Tea Queens. Her journey with us began online when she stumbled upon 2018’s Tea Queen of the Year, Tami Kowal of The Mindful Tea Queen. Shortly after this fateful encounter, Erica joined Tea Queens as a member of Tami’s team. She has shown great enthusiasm for the opportunity and our tea and has recently added her own first team member. Check out Erica’s inspiring story below! 

As a child, tea was the welcome solution to any problem. Have a belly ache? Let’s have a cup of tea before school. Getting well after an illness? Tea and toast is just the thing. Feel a headache coming on? Mom will make a cup of tea. Chilled to the bone at the end of a winter day? A mug of tea in your hands makes everything right again.

Tea has been a consistent and comforting part of my life since before I can remember, very closely tied to my sweet mother and her seemingly effortless, nurturing ways (now she’s one of my best customers!). In childhood, my cup was usually filled with decaf orange pekoe with a bit of milk and sugar. Today, as a homeschooling mother of five active children and wife to my college sweetheart, my tea regimen has a lot more variety. Sometimes it’s Earl Grey with almond milk or chamomile with honey. Nights are for peppermint unsweetened or perhaps Tea Queens’ own Berries and Cream. Sometimes we pair tea and cookies with poetry as part of our home education, and I take great joy in watching my children find pleasure in these casual rituals that I treasure. I have grown to know deep down that tea isn’t just a beverage; it’s a lifestyle that values the pauses in life as much as the productivity. Making a good cup of tea takes time and meaningful attention. Steeping requires our patience and our acceptance that the things we savor may require waiting. Of course, we enjoy the delicious outcome, but the process has its own worth.

As metal conducts electricity, tea is a conductor of friendship. It connects us to people as it requires us to wait together and sip slowly together (you can’t chug tea like a cola or toss it back like an espresso!). Conversation is sparked and energy passes between friends as they share their lives.

Since joining Tea Queens nearly one year ago, I have watched the connecting effects spread. My customer base is tiny at this point, but it’s consistent! When I hear that a customer is excited about a new flavor, I want to try it, too. I imagine us enjoying a shared experience, relishing a community that exists across many miles, not only at my dining room table. Quite recently, a precious friend decided to join Tea Queens after she saw how much I enjoy the tea selections and the whole atmosphere created by the Tea Queens company. Karen and I are sorority sisters, and thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have been working together on sorority projects on an almost daily basis for over a decade. She lives across the state—too far for a face-to-face conversation or a warm hug; however, her decision to embrace the Tea Queens opportunity will be another way for us to enjoy a long and beautiful friendship, both of us sipping and celebrating the delights of tea.

– Erica Goehring, Independent Tea Consultant, PA

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