Tea Talk: Brew Well

Tea Talk: Brew Well

Welcome to Tea Talk, our 2019 monthly blog series featuring musings from our Independent Tea Consultants. Each month we’ll speak with a Consultant about anything and everything tea related and share that discussion here with you.

Recently we launched a brand new line of wellness herbal teas featuring a variety of flowers, herbs, and spices. To kick things off, we asked our top team leader Tami to share her experience tasting the new blends and talk us through her brewing methods.


This new year of 2019 with Tea Queens brought much excitement! One of the many wonderful surprises was a new line of herbal wellness teas. Each loose leaf tea in this line serves a different purpose as told in their names: Wake UpBalanceSlow Down, and Be Well. Like many Tea Consultants, I have been hoping for such an addition to our tea offerings and Tea Queens exceeded my expectations with these yummy new blends! I have come to expect that herbal wellness teas usually taste a bit medicinal, but these blends from Tea Queens actually taste like a treat and this is accomplished without the addition of any sweeteners. If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend you do. Sipping something good for you has never tasted so delicious!

Here are my top tips for experiencing the tastiest steep of these new herbal blends:


Freshly drawn filtered water will result in a clean tasting, flavorful tea. Bring your water to a full boil when steeping Balance, Slow Down, and Be Well. These blends are caffeine free and require the hottest water to bring out their flavor. Use 170 degree water with the Wake Up blend which contains maté, a caffeine-rich plant which can become bitter if steeped with boiling water. It is also helpful to rinse the Wake Up blend with cool water before steeping.


Ban the tea ball and use a large infuser basket to steep your tea instead. Giving the loose leaf tea blends lots of room to move in the hot water while they steep creates a more flavorful and therapeutic beverage in your cup.


Cover your tea while it steeps. Herbs have a high volatile oil content. Without a lid, the volatile oils meet the heat and rise right out of your cup or teapot. Covering your brew keeps the flavor in your steep rather than releasing it in the air.


With the exception of our Wake Up blend, the herbal teas need at least seven to ten minutes to steep. The longer they steep, the more flavorful they become. I especially like using the Concert Glass Teapot from Tea Queens with the Balance, Slow Down, and Be Well herbal blends because it has a tea light candle underneath to keep these teas nice and warm while they steep. The Wake Up blend contains caffeine-rich maté which can become bitter if oversteeped. Steep Wake Up for just three to five minutes, paying close attention to the time.

It was Thich Nhat Hanh who said, “Resilient trees can weather a violent storm because their roots are deep and firm.”

I hope this post inspires and empowers you to nourish your own roots daily and give our new herbal teas a try!

– Tami Kowal, Independent Tea Consultant, WA

Tami is the author of the Mindful Tea Queen blog and podcast. Find Tami on Facebook and Instagram.

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