Tea Queen Spotlight – Meet Sara Seymour

Tea Queen Spotlight – Meet Sara Seymour

What has your Tea Queen Business given you?

I love being apart of the Tea Queen team for its freedom of expression. Through hosting tea parties I can express a sophisticated side of me that many don’t see.


What do you enjoy most about your business?

I enjoy educating others on a unique product in a very out-of-the-ordinary way. It’s always tea time.


What are some tips you would give to a new Tea Queen?

When hosting your first couple of tea parties, start off with just a small group of family or friends. You could also host at your home as opposed to someone else’s so you feel more comfortable. This will allow you to practice and build your confidence.


Create a Tea Queen Business Facebook Page. Keeping your personal life and professional business separate helps build your confidence as a business owner and not feel like you are “pressuring” your family and friends to just buy. By posting interesting articles about tea and photos from your parties will naturally draw people to you that are genuinely interested.


You added your first team member from your first Tea Party.What advice would you give other Tea Queens that want to build teams?


Use the Tea Queen Guide you received in your starter kit. It outlines simple ways to share about your business. Practice using the Tea Queen Guide several times before the party so that you are familiar with it and prepared. Don’t be afraid to share your enthusiasm for tea and your excitement about sharing it with others.

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