Tales of a Traveling Tea Queen Vol. 3

Tales of a Traveling Tea Queen Vol. 3

This lovely old Irish proverb may have one thinking that the Traveling Tea Queen must be about to relate tales from a recent sailing adventure. A cruise to warmer climes perhaps, or even a grand trip to the Emerald Isle herself? One would, however, be quite mistaken, as the Traveling Tea Queen has not been sailing, motoring, nor flying about, but has been happily sedate this winter, nesting, hosting, and cultivating friendships. The best ships.

A tea tasting party on a cold January day was just the thing to bring a few ladies together, introducing them to each other, and to three Tea Queens favorites: Empress Chai, Lemon Chiffon, and Golden Monkey. The theme was silver and gold friendships, and with candles glowing and tea flowing, it was a warm time of stories and memories, shared with laughter amongst old friends and new acquaintances.

The Traveling Tea Queen’s table sparkled with a gold flecked lace topper over grandmother’s worn tablecloth, with great grandmother’s Haviland china atop golden chargers from the dollar store, continuing the theme of mixing old and new. Tea lights flickered under vintage teapots as well as in golden glass votive holders. A “silver” platter from said dollar store served bite sized coconut almond golden nugget cookies, with golden delicious apple rings to complement. The food was simple, but the tea was plentiful! Guests were enlightened on best brewing and steeping practices with a demonstration, highlighting the Traveling Tea Queen’s prized Monarch Tea Pot!

Each guest received silver and gold wrapped chocolates and other small treasures as tokens of friendship. Finally, hugs and thanks were exchanged, and hopefully new and deeper friendships were forged. All in all, the Silver and Gold Friendships Tea Tasting Party was a glittering success! And the Traveling Tea Queen is content to remain anchored at home in her safe harbor, for the time being, at least, while the January winds blows. Perhaps her next adventure will take her on the high seas. One will have to wait and see…

– Julie Ann, Independent Tea Consultant, WA

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