Tales of a Traveling Tea Queen Vol. 1

Tales of a Traveling Tea Queen Vol. 1

Off I go, down the fragrant, blackberry-lined lane from my 1900 built farmhouse, where I imagine Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail picking the berries for their supper, while Peter Rabbit rests in bed, sipping his chamomile tea! 


In my favorite vintage inspired bonnet and tea length dress, I gingerly maneuver my orange folding beach cart loaded with turquoise totes filled with all the treasures necessary for a proper Tea Party for 25 people. I have carefully packed clear glass snack plates with matching punch cups in the Candlewick pattern that my dear grandma collected nearly 100 years ago. Six porcelain teapots and tea light warmers are nestled in amongst the catalogues and order forms, gifts and door prizes, and of course, the beautiful tins of scrumptious teas with which to delight my guests!

As I make the twenty minute walk through my darling hometown of Kingston, Washington to board the ferry bound for Edmonds, I will relish the looks and comments I receive about my cool rig. I might even hand out a business card or two, to those who are curious and interested.

Aboard the Puyallup, or maybe the Walla Walla, I’ll look out across the beautiful Puget Sound, and be thinking of all the interesting details I want to be sure to share, from how true tea is fermented from the Camelia sinensis plant, to how tea loves to dance, to what I love most about being a Tea Queens Tea Consultant.

On the “other side” I will load my totes and handy folding beach cart into the car we keep there in a commuter lot. A short drive will bring me to my favorite Senior Center, where I have been invited back for the third year to share all the delights of a Tea Queens party.

As always, I will be warmly greeted and helped to unpack, and then the fun will really begin. It will be a pleasure for me to serve and to educate my guests, and even more so to hear all the treasured stories of tea parties with granddaughters, and about favorite china tea cups, and precious memories from long ago.

Before I know it, it will be time to pack everything up again, the dear ladies having kindly washed my plates and cups while I was taking orders for tea. After thanks and hugs have all been exchanged, I’ll be on my way back home, content in the knowledge that I have brought a truly enjoyable, educational, and memorable experience to some lovely folks who might not have the opportunity to enjoy a Tea Party any other way. I hope you will stay tuned for further adventures of the Traveling Tea Queen. You never know where the trail may lead… and it might even feature Doris, the Tea Trailer, which can be seen in my photo at the top of the Lane!


– Julie Ann, Independent Tea Consultant, WA

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