Spotlight On: Wendy Bond

Spotlight On: Wendy Bond

Wendy Bond is one of our most seasoned Consultants. She has a family of 14 children aged 10 – 30 with five still living on the farm she owns. When she’s not enjoying a mug of Tea Queens tea, Wendy enjoys raising her sheep, goats, and pigs, spinning homemade wool, and tending to her gardens. We recently chatted with Wendy about her Tea Queens business and learned even more about this incredible woman.

When did you become a Tea Consultant with Tea Queens?

I joined as a Tea Queen on May 28, 2014.

Why did you decide to join us?

I was already a customer of Queen Mary teas… Well, Coconut Black was amazing, and I was hooked!

When I called to ask about how Mary sourced her teas, I was assured that the same concerns I had for providing the best tea I could serve my family was the same concern she had for her customers. Then I learned about the new Tea Queen opportunity and thought it would be a good way for me to share my love of tea.

We had just bought a farm for the express purpose of raising our family on the healthiest food possible and this business opportunity seemed like a good fit for my farm. The kettle is always on here, and I love sharing our latest favorites with our friends and family who are my best customers!

What advice would you give a new consultant?

Display your teas in their pretty canisters in a prominent place in your home. People can’t help but admire them and want to try them to find a favorite or two!

Host your first tea tasting with your closest friends and make it unforgettable. They’ll want to host their own tea party and these loyal referrals will keep you serving tea and making sales!

Any tips to share?

Sometimes we get stuck thinking that tea events have to be a certain way. Your hostesses will set the theme for their parties. Tea might be served in big mugs with store bought cookies, or by elaborate hat and glove wearing ladies with fancy sandwiches in their grandmother’s tea cups. I served most of my guests iced tea in glasses at my first tasting! Have fun with it.

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