Spotlight On: Tiffany Rupp

Spotlight On: Tiffany Rupp

Tiffany Rupp has been a Consultant with Tea Queens since October of 2017. She discovered Tea Queens through a post shared in a tea drinkers Facebook group. She is a tea aficionado who was looking for an opportunity that would work around her busy schedule. We chatted with Tiffany recently about her experiences in life and with Tea Queens.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

We are a family of four. Myself, my husband, Mark, and our two kids, Athena (4), and Theo (1). Besides the usual mom routines, changing diapers and keeping the toddler from coloring on the baby, I keep busy with tea and gardening. I love growing my own food and wish to some day try growing my own Camellia sinensis. When I have time I like to research tea. I have learned a fair amount and now feel that I have an even greater appreciation for tea.

Why did you decide to become a Consultant with Tea Queens?

After my son was born I had to quit my job as a flight attendant to become a stay at home mom. Besides my study of tea I also wanted to try my hand at selling it but I wanted to do it with a reputable company. I choose Tea Queens for that reason and because I really enjoy the selection of tea.

What is your favorite tea?

My all time favorite is Genmaicha for true teas and for non-teas I love the Hazelnut Honeybush. It makes the most amazing lattes.

What have you enjoyed most about being a Consultant?

Simply I love being able to sell something that I truly enjoy. When people see your passion for your product it makes a world of difference. It also allows me the ability to not have to worry about a work schedule.

What advice would you give a new consultant?

Being a Consultant can be tough, especially in America where a good portion of the population do not truly understand tea. But tea is wonderful in that in both the true teas and non-teas there is something for everyone. They just have to give you the time to help them find it.

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