Spotlight On: Tami Kowal

Spotlight On: Tami Kowal

Tami Kowal has been a Consultant with Tea Queens since October of 2017. She hit the ground running and has quickly become one of our top performers. We reached out to Tami recently and asked her about her new business.

Why did you decide to be a Tea Consultant with Tea Queens?

I have been a tea drinker since I was a little girl sipping tea and eating cookies with my grandma Rose in her kitchen. For the past decade or so, I ditched my tea bags for loose leaf tea and never looked back! I am also a consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies (organic skincare and wellness products from the UK) and when they discontinued their line of teas, I knew I wanted to have high quality tea to offer my customers. I drink tea several times a day and I like to share what I am passionate about – loose leaf tea definitely fits that bill! I have attended the Northwest Tea Festival with my children every year since it began and I remembered seeing Tea Queens there. I had also visited the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle and love knowing that I am supporting a local business. Tea Queens offers delicious, high quality teas and I was drawn to the fact that many are also certified organic. We have something for everyone at every budget and we offer a consumable product along with gorgeous teaware. Drinking tea promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing for me. I love having this opportunity to share it with others!

What have you enjoyed the most as a new Tea Queens Consultant?

First off, I loved trying all the teas and teaware that came in my starter kit! It is a generous kit and such a great representation of what Tea Queens has to offer. I also appreciate that I feel completely supported by Tea Queens. I can actually feel them cheering on my efforts and it always makes me smile! Additionally, all of my customers have commented on how their order was so beautifully packaged and arrived so quickly. I think Tea Queens has excellent customer service, both for customers and Consultants. The monthly special offers are fantastic and we have an attractive and efficient website. This all helps my business very much!

What advice would you give to a new Tea Consultant?

My number one piece of advice is to be a tea lover yourself and try all the tea in your starter kit. Then share what you love with others. Don’t worry if you do not “know everything.” We are fortunate that sharing tea with someone is a very natural thing to do. The very act of sipping tea with others opens up wonderful conversation and connection. It’s an experience that delights all the senses! It is okay to learn alongside your customers – the tea speaks for itself once you let people taste it!

Any tips to share?

Sure! I have three tips to share:

  1. Infuse your own personality as you reach out to others with tea. I keep a pretty active page on Facebook and Instagram which incorporates both of my businesses. I like to do weekly LIVE videos, share educational articles, and post my own photos. Other consultants might love to entertain, so they would host frequent tea parties in their home. Some consultants thrive on attending vendor fairs or hosting tea breaks at businesses. Still others, prefer one on one sharing. Some like to do all of the above. The important thing is to find what your “cup of tea” is when it comes to sharing Tea Queens with others. It is always good to step a bit outside of your comfort zone, but also really important to do what feels authentic to you. Be yourself, enjoy – and others will too!
  2. Continue to learn all you can about tea. I have been a serious loose leaf tea drinker for over a decade, yet I continue to learn something new about tea every day. I find it exciting that there is so much to discover about tea! There are many wonderful books on the topic and your customers will appreciate that you can offer them tea education along with their tea.
  3. Cultivate relationships with your customers and have fun! Send your customers a personal thank you when they purchase tea from you. Keep notes of what they like and dislike, so you can make helpful suggestions. Offer them tea samples and hold a fun contest with a tea prize every now and then. The world can often be serious and fast paced – tea offers us a moment to slow down, connect with ourselves and others, and regain our sense of balance. Enjoy the new friendships that develop and old friendships that deepen because of Tea Queens!

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