Spotlight On: Rosita Hinrichs

Spotlight On: Rosita Hinrichs

New Tea Consultant Rosita thought she was just going to the Queen Mary Tea Room for a cup of tea, little did she know she would walk away with so much more! Rosita’s enthusiasm for everything tea is contagious so we thought we would share it. Enjoy!


Tell us a little about yourself

Well, Im a grandmother of three. I also have my elderly mother living with us and she requires a lot of care and my husband is a fantastic help. With my very very stressful life tea is a kind of a way of relaxing. I’ve been shipping tea samples and accoutrements to my friends and family. I don’t have time to do parties so I’ve been shipping the catalog along with samples.


Are there any other ways you grow your business?

First of all at work every day we have a different sample of tea, and I’ve been writing down in my little notebook how the tea has been received. So I’ve been getting feedback from them and shipping samples to all my friends and family.


Why did you decide to become a Tea Queen?

First of all I was a coffee drinker, but I’ve cut way down on coffee. Then with the upcoming royal wedding and Mother’s Day I said ‘certainly there has to be a tearoom in the Seattle area’. So I just went online and put in “tearooms” and Queen Mary popped up and it was very close to my work. I was just amazed when I went down with a coworker for afternoon tea, and was just totally blown away by the delicious tea. I was educated on loose leaf tea down at the emporium.


Do you have any favorite teas?

My favorite tea depends on the day, the mood, or what taste Im after. My go-to is Highland Breakfast and Queens Royal Afternoon, and I just love White Peach Blossom.


What have you enjoyed most about your tea business?

Sharing. Sharing the information and sharing the samples, when my friends and family get these little packages in the mail with the catalog and samples they’re just like “Oh how fun!” I’ve been also sending fascinators with some of packages to make it special. It just makes it more fun.


Do you have any tips for other Tea Consultants?

Everybody has different tastes, I wasn’t even aware of Rooibos tea at first. There is just such a wide sampling of different teas, it’s good to get to know them all because there is a tea for everybody. The birthday tea is also a really fun tea that kids can get into.


What new things have you learned since joining Tea Queens?

I did this horrible thing, before I knew how to steep tea and temperatures. I would just put my teabag in the cup, and just leave it.  Then reheat it. Yes the tea was more bitter but I just left it in there because I thought it would give me more flavor. Now I’m educated and know that if you want more flavor you add more tea leaves, not leave it in longer. My favorite line from the directions are “tea loves to dance”.

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