Spotlight On: Laura Bartolucci

Spotlight On: Laura Bartolucci

Introducing new Tea Queens consultant Laura Bartolucci from Albuquerque, New Mexico…

Laura has been an elementary school teacher for the past 27 years. Her love of tea began 16 years ago after she went for afternoon tea for the first time. She says she “fell completely head-over-heels in love!” Not only is her email “tealover,” but she has a tea parlor/library in her home and her license plate is T42! Laura says tea has become a spiritual practice for her and it is her mediation, relaxation, and her comfort.

Laura’s plan for her new tea business is to have small groups of friends to her home and then ask each of them to have her over to their homes with their friends and then from there ask their friends to have her over to their homes and keep this cycle going!

After working at a local tearoom for 15 years she wanted to stay active in the world of tea. When Laura met Mary and heard about the Tea Queens opportunity, she saw the perfect way to continue to be involved in her passion.

Though having a bit of extra money coming in is always nice, Laura says she just loves sharing her enthusiasm for tea which she says is contagious! She shares her love of tea  “everywhere she goes,” she says, even with her students at school and at meetings with parents and fellow teachers. It never fails to impress and please!

Laura’s favorite tea is flavored black, fruity in particular.

When asked what Laura enjoys most about being a Tea Consultant she says, “getting to share my passion and knowledge with others.”

At tastings, Laura shares 14 different teas with a mix of caffeinated and non-caffeinated brews. She shares brewing tips, the history of afternoon tea, and/or tea etiquette with the guests, and says she finds it helpful to bring her laptop and show them the website and basic navigation around the site. Looks like this method is working as Laura is developing a wonderful customer base already!  

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