Spotlight On: Kim Allen

Spotlight On: Kim Allen

Introducing new Tea Queens Consultant Kim Allen (left) along with her good friend and new Tea Queens Team Member Carmen Nemeth.

Why did you decide to become a Tea Queens Tea Consultant?

Like we do every year, my friend Carmen and I took ourselves out to lunch to celebrate our February birthdays a few months ago. I chose the location this time – Queen Mary Tea Room, which I’d heard about for years but had not yet visited. We walked in and were entranced – The teas! The cozy ambiance! The bakery counter! I grabbed a brochure that I thought listed all the teas for sale, but it turned out to be a description of the Tea Queens opportunity. By the time we finished our tea and cake, I realized that I had just smiled and laughed and enjoyed myself more than I had in a long time – it was the tea! I knew right then I had to be a Tea Queen.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I absolutely love watching my friends sample different teas and try to find their favorite. They can’t pick just one!

Your first Tea party was an open house and you sold $400 in tea! What tips do you have to share?

Drinking tea is a multi-sensory experience. In addition to tasting it, people like to see and smell it to decide if they like it enough to buy it. I invested in clear plastic 10 gram containers with lids ($17 for 100 on Amazon), labeled them, and filled them with the teas I’ve bought so far for myself. I displayed them prominently at my Open House and encouraged people to take the lids off and smell them. They marveled at how big or how red the tea leaves were. They tried to identify the different ingredients. They wondered if the brewed tea would “taste the same as it smells.” We then made a cup of any tea that anyone wanted to try and ladled a bit into the teacups of anyone who wanted a taste. It paid off – of the 26 teas I sold that night, only 4 were ones I didn’t have yet.

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