Spotlight On: Bailey Starkey

Spotlight On: Bailey Starkey

Why did you decide to be a Tea Consultant with Tea Queens?
I decided to become a Consultant with Tea Queens when my Mom offered to buy me the Starter Kit as a Christmas gift. She thought being an independent tea consultant would be a great fit for me – and she was right! After thinking it through, and looking at all the goodies that come in the starter kit, I decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did.


What have you enjoyed the most as a new Tea Consultant?
My favorite part about being a new consultant is that I have the opportunity to try so many delicious new teas. As a consultant, my discount allows me to buy a lot more tea than I would as a regular customer, so my personal collection, already added to by my starter kit, has been rapidly growing.


What advice would you give to a new Tea Consultant?
I would advise a new tea consultant to give out lots of samples. I have found that the best way to sell our amazing teas is to let people try them. Anytime I have guests in my home, I offer them a cup of tea. When they ask where I got that delightful tea, it’s easy to tell them about my new tea business and how they can buy some for themselves. I passed out the sample baggies that came in the kit right away, and then began bagging up my own samples. People want to try before they buy. And once they do try it, of course they’ll want more.


Any social media strategies or tips to share?
My tips are the three P’s:

  1. Be POSITIVE! Have a cheery, happy attitude. Tea is something pleasant, and something to be excited about! If you love Tea Queens tea, and you are excited about it, your customers will want to try it too!
  2. Don’t be too PUSHY. I hate when I’m invited to a sales party and feel like I have to buy something or I’ll let my friend down. I feel like with Tea Queens, I just have to present my wonderful products, and not push them. Let the tea speak for itself.
  3. Be PERSONAL. Get to know your customers. Treat them like your friends. I have found it helpful to keep track of what my customers like so I can recommend new teas for them to try next. For example, my Creamy Earl Grey fans received samples of the new French Lady tea, and, as I expected, they loved it. Another tip I borrowed from a friend is to recommend that people try their tea how they like their coffee. If you know Meg likes her coffee with plenty of cream and sugar, tell Meg to try her black tea with plenty of cream and sugar. Tea Queens offers so many types of tea, there is sure to be a good fit for everybody.

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