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Tea Queens is on the search again this year for the next CelebriTEA! Your blend could be Tea Queens' next superstar and you our next CelebriTEA.

The winning blend will be introduced as a limited-edition tea in July and the winning Consultant will receive a special personalized tin of their tea blend.


  1. Blends may only contain teas found on the Tea Queens website.
  2. Blends may not contain any other added ingredients, ie: flowers, herbs, flavors.
  3. Only two blends may be submitted per Tea Consultant.
  4. All submissions must received by midnight (PDT) on May 31.


To enter the CelebriTEA contest, submissions must be emailed to before the May 31 deadline. Each submission must contain:

  • Name of blend
  • Ratio of Tea Queens teas used
  • Flavor description
  • Brief explanation of the inspiration for the blend.


Last year's celebriTEA winner was Consultant Julie Ann Westwater with her Peach Melba blend. Julie Ann's blend was unique and delicious, combining a delicate white tea with heavier rooibos and honeybush.

2018's CelebriTEA winner, Julie Ann Westwater, holding a mug of her blend, Peach Melba, in front of her raspberry bushes.

The inspiration behind Julie Ann's blend was touching. She described how the idea originated from her daughter who wanted to capture the flavors of the peach melba her grandmother served, who had also recently passed. Julie Ann reminisced about how her mother would serve her peach melba in elegant stemmed glassware; a delectable summer-fresh peach, half filled with vanilla ice cream, and artfully topped with three generation homemade raspberry jam.

2018's CelebriTEA winner, Julie Ann Westwater, receiving her personalized tin of Peach Melba.

We're excited to see the torch be passed from our very first CelebriTEA winner to the newest master blender among our Consultants. Perhaps it will be you! Best of luck to everyone. We can't wait to taste what you come up with!