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Team Building

You have a new team member - now what?

You’ve been spreading the word, and now, thanks to your sparkling networking skills, you find yourself welcoming a new Consultant to the Tea Queens team! Here are some ways to support a new Tea Consultant as they begin their journey:

  • Be a friend. Building a strong relationship builds trust.
  • Be confident and lead by example. Invite them to observe one of your tea tastings.
  • Be positive and encouraging. Your belief in them makes it all seem possible.You can be their biggest fan!
  • Share with them the benefits of setting up a personal profile on the Tea Queens website.
  • Show your new team member how to complete an order form and how to easily place online orders.
  • Encourage them to review and use the Tea Queen Party Guide. It will help them become knowledgeable and confident about giving their own tea presentations.
  • Suggest holding a “debut” party to introduce their new business to family and friends.
  • Share with them your success tips and any creative ways you use to build your business.

Thank you for expanding our community. Keep up the good work!