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Team Building

Team building and sharing the Tea Queens opportunity is one of the most exciting areas of this business. You will see the real reward of team building when a new member celebrates their own personal and professional growth.
When you share the Tea Queens opportunity with others you:

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Share your success with others
  • Receive recognition and rewards for moving up the career path
  • Help others achieve financial independence

PRO TIP: It all begins at the tea tasting. The more tea tastings you offer, the more team members you will find.

Here are four simple steps that have brought success to Consultants:

  1. Ask your host before every tasting: “Who is coming today that you think would be great at doing what I do?”
  2. Share your heartfelt, enthusiastic story at every tasting. Tell them why you became a Tea Consultant.
  3. Select at least one person from every tasting in which to share the Tea Queens opportunity.
  4. Offer guests a special gift for anyone they refer who becomes a Tea Queens Consultant

Send each guest home with a Tea Queens Opportunity Brochure. Make sure you follow up to get feedback. This is another chance to answer any questions they may have and offer the opportunity.


You’ve been spreading the word, and now, thanks to your sparkling networking skills, you find yourself welcoming a new Consultant to the Tea Queens team! Here are some ways to support a new Tea Consultant as they begin their journey:

  • Be a friend. Building a strong relationship builds trust.
  • Be confident and lead by example. Invite them to observe one of your tea tastings.
  • Be positive and encouraging. Your belief in them makes it all seem possible. You can be their biggest fan!
  • Show your new team member how to complete an order form and how to easily place online orders.
  • Encourage them to review and use the Tea Queens Tea Party Guide. It will help them become knowledgeable and confident about giving their own tea presentations.
  • Suggest holding a “debut” party to introduce their new business to family and friends.
  • Share with them your success tips and any creative ways you use to build your business.

Thank you for expanding our community. Keep up the good work!