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Success Tips

What are my first steps for conducting a successful Tea Party?

  • Create a list of 30-50 people you know.
  • Start calling! Use the “Booking your first tea tasting” script in your "Success Book." Be enthusiastic when you call and don’t be afraid to use the script. Trust in the words - they work.
  • Review the Tea Party Book & Guide several times before your first party to build confidence and become familiar with the steps of a tea tasting.
  • Your first tea party can be simple, with just a few family members or friends.
  • Consider hosting in your own home (instead of someone else's) so that you can be at ease in a familiar environment.
  • Have fun, relax, and be yourself!

  What are some other ways I can promote my business?

  • Social Media: Create a TQ Business Facebook page where you regularly post interesting tea facts and fun pictures of your events. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest  are other popular platforms full of promotional potential. 
  • Community Events: Farmer’s markets, festivals, and holiday bazaars are all great selling and networking opportunities.
  • Tea Breaks are a simple and fun way to share your tea in offices during break times and lunch hours.
  • Fundraisers: Offer to donate a tea tasting or product as part of an auction. This is a unique opportunity to market your business and support a good cause.
  • Samples: Hand out your Tea Tasters to as many people as possible. Make sure to follow up and ask for feedback!
  • Be Creative: Think like a retailer, not a customer. Always be thinking about new and exciting ways to appeal to potential clients.

How can I increase my sales?

  • Do you have another job outside of your Tea Consulting business? Bring your favorite tea to work! Don’t forget to have your mug and infuser visible on your work station - this is a great conversation starter.
  • Your Tea Queens website is a 24/7 resource. Direct people to your page for shopping and placing orders.
  • Send a handwritten thank you note to new customers along with your business card.This will help build a lasting reorder business.
  • Always have a business card and a catalog handy.
  • After you enjoy a meal at a restaurant leave your business card with the tip.
  • Offer a tea tasting to friends and family at any special occasion or gathering, such as birthdays and bridal showers.

How do I accept credit cards?




http://pappc.payanywhere.com/ Reader


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