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Scheduling Appointments

Trust In The Words - They Work!

General Scripts

Tentative Date Booking Approach

When someone tells you they are not sure about booking a party (maybe because they have to check their calendar and/or ask their friends), you could say this:

"Well, why don't we do it this way: how about we set a tentative date, and if we need to change it we can, OK?" As soon as you set a tentative date you respond by saying " I will call you in a day or two to confirm, OK?"


Correct Booking Approach (Future Host)

"At every Tea Party I always select someone that I would most like to have as my future host, and today, ______, I've selected you because... (Give a sincere compliment like: "you are so outgoing," "you seemed to really enjoy the party," or "you are so much fun," etc). Is there any reason why you couldn't host a party with me? I think you would be a great host!"


Correct Booking Approach (Building your team)

"You know, _________, at every Tea Tasting I select someone to share our career opportunity with and today I’ve selected you! (Give a sincere compliment) Is there any reason why we couldn’t chat today before I leave or get together in the next few days?


Inviting a Guest (Use for Special events)

"Hi _________, this is _____________! Am I catching you at a good time? Great! I am so excited about an event that is coming up soon. It will be a great time and I would be honored if you would be my special guest. As my thanks you will also receive a special gift."  


Booking an appointment to share the career opportunity

"I have decided to move up in my business, and I'm very excited about it! My first step in moving up is to select 5 people I can talk with about the Tea Queens opportunity. I immediately thought of you! Even if your not interested, that's OK, just by listening you will be helping me out."