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The Opportunity

Be your own success story
Become an Independent Tea Consultant

The Perks
Of Being An Independent Tea Consultant

  •  Be your own boss and set your own schedule.

  •  Earn 25% on everything you sell.

  •  Receive recognition and rewards for achieving your goals.

  •  Be first to know about new tea and products.

  •  Free resources and marketing tools.

  •  Exclusive sales, discounts, rewards and products just for you and your customers!

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Why Tea
U.S. Tea Market Graph

With the rise of people looking for a healthy and natural alternative, many people are replacing sugary juices and soft-drinks with tea.  While tea is globally the second most popular beverage (next only to water), it is a fast growing market in the United States, with sales quadrupling since 1991.



Tea is a great beverage that can be served any time of year, hot or iced, and can be found in some form in four out of five households. 

Tea Health Graphic

Tea has many health benefits. There has been a wide range of studies in a variety of medical fields, exploring all the health benefits of drinking tea. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking black tea can reduce blood pressure. There have been over 3,000 studies on the benefits of tea with regards to fighting and preventing certain types of caner. Drinking tea can also help with weight management with preliminary research showing that drinking tea can help elevate your metabolic rate and improve insulin activity.


United States chart

On any given day, over 1/2 of the American population is drinking tea!

Why Tea Queens

 As an independent tea consultant, you can meet new friends while connecting with old ones on a whole new level. You can feel professional, proud and productive when you bring people together over a simple cup of tea.

Our WHY here at Tea Queens is to empower and equip you with the tools to create your own success story. Being an independent tea consultant offers you the ability to grow personally and financially.

Every person has their own definition of success. Define yours and let Tea Queens be a step towards your next adventure.

When I heard about this program, I thought it would be wonderful to be a Tea Queen. The last thing I need is something else on my plate or to-do list, but the program seems so flexible and a wonderful way to combine my love for tea with my love for educating clients in style.
-Mayna M.

My love for tea began at a very young age, having a Mexican mother who used herbal remedies for every cold, flu, stomachache and headache trained my taste buds to enjoy sugarless tea. To me, tea is not only a drink but an escape from the daily grind, tea brings comfort and tranquility to my life!
-Ann M.

 I love being part of the Tea Queens team for its freedom of expression. Through hosting tea parties, I can express a sophisticated side of me that many don’t see. I enjoy educating others on a unique product in a very out-of-the-ordinary way. It’s always tea time.
-Sara S.


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