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Host Rewards

On the Grow with Tea Parties
Let Tea Queens help you grow your business this season!

Host a Tea Party and receive $20 in free tea samples to share with your party guests! Samples are a great way to plant seeds, and turn happy party guests into satisfied customers.

How to Enter - Simply email us these details:

Date of your party
Hosts name
Email us at info@teaqueens.com

As an independent Tea Consultant for Tea Queens, you are able to reward your hosts any way you choose. Here are some suggestions for host rewards that are always appreciated:

Host Credit
You can offer your host a percentage off their purchase based on the amount of their total party sales and future parties booked. For example: for a $250 party offer a 10% credit; with one future party booked offer a 15% credit; with two future parties booked offer a 20% credit.

Exclusive Offers
What products would motivate your host to have a party? Perhaps it's another 8 oz bag of Tea Queens exclusive tea, or one of our other limited-time products. Offer these to your host as a reward for a successful party.

Remember your host can also take advantage of the current Tea Queen Customer special.

More Ideas

  • Half priced items for each future party booked.
  • Offer a “Host Special., such as $40 worth of tea whenever your host invites at least 4 guests who are new to you and Tea Queens.
  • Suggested host gifts, such as the Tea Queens scone mix, Signature Sugar, or add your personal touch. The key is to keep it appealing, while inexpensive.
  • Consider giving back by donating a portion of your party sales to the charity of your host's choice.