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Host a Tea Party


Hosting a party with Tea Queens is a flexible, fun, and complimentary event conducted by an Independent Tea Consultant. This is your chance to sample, compare, learn about, and enjoy our many different loose leaf teas. You can even enhance the experience by adding your favorite treats, such as finger sandwiches or tea cookies.

A Tea Queens party can be crafted to fit any need. Perhaps you'd like to host a quick 15 - 30 minute Tea Break in your office. Maybe you're looking to celebrate a wedding shower or other special event. Of course, we also cover traditional Tea Parties for a cozy afternoon in with your best friends. Where ever and how ever you're looking to host, Tea Queens will be there to provide the perfect party for your needs.


When you host a party with an Independent Tea Consultant this March and April, you'll be eligible to earn a variety of rewards. Invite your friends, family, and tea lovers of all kinds to join in the fun. Contact your Consultant or fill out the form below to start planning your party. 

$200 Perfect Cup Spoon + Filigree Infuser
$300 Perfect Cup Spoon + One top selling tea tin1 + Filigree Infuser
$400 Perfect Cup Spoon + Two top selling tea tins2 + Filigree Infuser
$500 Perfect Cup Spoon + Three top selling tea tins3 + Filigree Infuser

1 Lemon Chiffon
2 Lemon Chiffon and Creamy Earl Grey
3 Lemon Chiffon, Creamy Earl Grey, and Peach Tree
*Party totals do not include tax and shipping


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