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Grow Your Business

Here are some time-tested tips:

  1. Make the most of social media. It all starts with nurturing and regularly engaging your online network. The idea is to provide content that will encourage people to share with their network of friends online.
    • Post usable content that encourages sharing, like recipes, quick household tips, and reviews.
    • Post photos and videos that are amusing, informative and positive.
    • Create a contest and/or offer free products.
    • Post and invite people to events.
    • Post a survey or poll.
  1. Seek referrals from current clients. By providing consistently excellent customer service you will generate a constant flow of referrals. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals from everyone! Create a fun contest to get your customers talking about your products and services with others. This way, customers are promoting your business honestly, without the canned sales pitch.
  1. Team up. Find a local business that caters to a similar market as yours, and build a relationship based on mutual interests and benefits. You could hold a joint open house, offer incentives for customers that use both of your services, and even split the costs of local advertising.

  2. Network with influencers. This will require you to seek out influencers in your community. Support influencers in their passions and causes and establish a relationship with them. Then you can create a mutually beneficial relationship in which you refer one another to others. This will help you tap into their network of connections and find new leads for your business.