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Conducting A Tea Break


What is a tea break?

A tea break is a fun and simple way to share tea in offices during break times, lunch hours or special events.

Things to keep in mind when conducting a tea break:

Who will be there? Make sure you know in advance how many people will be attending, and bring the appropriate amount of tea and utensils. Remember to bring spares!

What tea will you be serving? In the interest of time and simplicity, we suggest serving one flavor of tea per tea break. Things to take into consideration when picking which tea to serve: the weather (is it raining? Cool and clear? Humid?); the time of day (and caffeine level); how familiar your attendees are with loose leaf tea; your host’s preferences; and, of course, your own favorite flavors.

When and where? Coordinate the time and place with your host. Breaks usually last 15-30 minutes – just enough time for a cup of tea – and every minute counts. Make sure you are well prepared to give an enjoyable and informative presentation. This includes being set up and ready to go 15 minutes before the break.

Why conduct a tea break? Because sharing your knowledge and passion for tea is what Tea Queens is all about! Here you get to tell your personal story and promote your Tea Queens business to a team of new potential clients. Don’t forget to show them how to place orders on your website, and encourage them to have you over for a home Tea Tasting of their own!

For more ideas, go to the "Tea Breaks" page in your Tea Queens "Steps to Success Book" you received in your Starter kit.

 A few suggested supplies: