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Building Customers For Life

2+2+2 Rule

A simple, yet powerful rule. Follow this to build customers for life.

2 Days After the Party:

  • Call everyone who attended and thank them for coming. If they made a purchase, thank them for choosing you as their personal tea consultant!
  • Ask if they have any questions about their purchases.
  • Make notes on their order forms about specific teas they enjoyed or anything else they might want to order in the future.
  • Let them know that you will follow-up with new customers in a few weeks to make sure they are satisfied and to answer any questions.

2 Weeks After the Party:

  • Call your customers and say, "Hi! I'm just checking in..."
  • Ask, "Are you ready for a refill?” or, "Are there any other teas you would like to taste, or anything else you might like to order?"
  • Close with, “Thank you. I really appreciate your business!
  • Ask, “May I put you on my preferred customer list to call with any upcoming specials?" 

2 Months After the Party, and Every 2 Months After That:

  • Ask how they are doing and if they are running low on any of their favorite teas. 
  • Let them know you are happy to be their personal shopper. (Find out if there are any upcoming special occasions that they may need a gift for.)
  • Share the current customer special with them.
  • Let them know how grateful you are for their business.

Treat them like royalty, give more than they expect, and you will build customers for life!