How to Make Cold Brew

How to Make Cold Brew


Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to enjoy a glass of your favorite Tea Queens tea on ice! Cold brewing is one of our favorite methods to make iced tea. Cold brew allows you to make delicious iced tea without watering down hot brewed tea or worrying about using too hot of water and oversteeping. Not sure how to cold brew? Have no fear, we have you covered with supplies, the how-to, and even our top tea picks for summer sipping.



Our favorite pitchers to make cold brew tea are the Lago Glass Pitcher and the Perfect Iced Tea Pitcher. Both of these pitchers include large infusers which make brewing, serving, and cleaning easier and allow enough room for your tea leaves to dance.


Pick your favorite Tea Queens tea and try it cold brewed! It doesn’t matter if your favorite tea is a rooibos, white, oolong, black, or any other type. The cold brewing method will not make your tea go bitter!


As always, we recommend using cool, filtered water for the best tasting tea.


This is where you’ll let your pitcher rest while the tea is steeping.


  1. Add double the amount of tea leaves you’d use for hot tea to your infuser.
  2. Fill your pitcher with the cold filtered water and add the tea filled infuser.
  3. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator overnight for best results. You can start taste testing after a few hours and adjust steeping time to your desired strength.
  4. One your desired strength is achieved, remove the infuser, and enjoy! Cold brew is best served chilled but may be served with ice if you prefer.

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