• Store tea in an airtight container, such as a bag or tin with a tight seal.
  • Store tea in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep tea away from heat. Don’t leave tea out in the sun.
  • Store tea in a container without a lid or air-tight seal, such as a paper bag or wooden box. Letting moisture in can cause tea to become stale or even moldy.
  • Store tea leaves in the refrigerator.
  • Store tea in a cabinet above the stove or anywhere that tea may be exposed to high temperatures.


Now more than ever, people all over the world are turning to tea as a healthy and natural alternative to sugary soft-drinks and juices. The drink is especially popular in the United States – national sales have quadrupled in the past 15 years alone!

Tea is a satisfying beverage that can be served any time of year, hot or iced, and can be found in four out of five households.

Each bold brew packs a powerful, medically preventative punch. Various types of tea have been proven to reduce blood pressure, combat and prevent cancers, increase metabolism, improve insulin activity, boost immune systems, fight infections, and maintain a healthy heart – in addition to keeping you hydrated and happy. No wonder it’s the second most popular beverage in the world!

On any given day, over half of the American population is drinking tea!