Crowning 2019’s CelebriTEA Winner

Crowning 2019’s CelebriTEA Winner

This May we held our second CelebriTEA tea blending contest for Consultants. Our fabulous Consultants went right to work blending, crafting, and brewing a variety of creative blends. It was a difficult job narrowing down all the entries to only one winner, but we’re overjoyed to crown Jennifer Stowe 2019’s CelebriTEA with Tea Queen Sunrise!


CelebriTEA winner Jennifer Stowe


Tea Consultant Jennifer Stowe submitted Tea Queen Sunrise, an amazing family friendly take on the classic Tequila Sunrise. Blending two types of red bush with green tea may seem bizarre on the surface but, once combined, the scents and flavors of this blend are unparalleled in their greatness. Bold citrus and cherry flavors dominate this mocktail with notes of ginger and rose providing exciting accents. The blending of two red bush varieties and green tea adds a smooth quality to this tea that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Jennifer developed the Tea Queen Sunrise blend together with her family. Over the past 20 years tea has become a cornerstone in the Stowe household. “Although we drink tea every day, we have tea each Tuesday. Scones are made, trays are laid, partners are chosen, and for an hour we talk, read aloud, or play a game with a family member.” Jennifer and her family love to hold tea parties and enjoy crafting immersive, artistic experiences alongside serving delicious tea. Natural health has also engrossed Jennifer, inspiring her to become a registered nurse and tea sommelier. In addition to all these activities, Jennifer is a published author, teaches tea education classes, and hosts tea tastings all over Middle Tennessee.

On the creation of Tea Queen Sunrise, Jennifer spoke about current tea trends. “Tea is hot right now and each day one hears of new unique and inventive ways to infuse tea into life. Tea cocktails are such an innovation but not everyone wants the alcohol.” To create a perfect mocktail that everyone can enjoy, Jennifer turned to the ambience of summer for inspiration. “Summer is the time when family and friends come together for outdoor gatherings and celebrations and what could pair better with those special events than a delicious, refreshing, artistically-blended tea?” Jennifer is right, and her blend more than delivers an experience that will provide an opportunity for family and friends to come together over a cup of tea.

We’re excited to share Tea Queen Sunrise with you as you sip and tea party your way through summer. Jennifer’s delicious blend is limited edition and will only be available while supplies last. Don’t miss out on this summer treat!


Picking out only one winner is the most difficult part of the CelebriTEA contest for us. Every blend is so unique and interesting, each in their own ways. We’re recognizing two runners up this year for their outstanding flavors. Find their blends and stories below. We hope you’ll take the time to try them for yourself so you can taste why they’re our 2019 CelebriTEA runners up picks!


Our 2018 Tea Queen of the Year is at it again! Tami Kowal submitted a delicious caffeine-free blend based on the customary British afternoon tea condiment. We loved the addition of lavender into this traditional flavor and Tami’s reasoning behind the incorporation put smiles on our faces. “I thought of a way to bring the Pacific Northwest to the table since Tea Queens and I both live here. Washington state organic lavender flowers instantly came to mind. I went to work in my tea pantry and this blend was the result.”


One part Lemon Chiffon Rooibos

One part Slow Down

One part Lavender Honeybush

Brew 7 – 10 minutes at 212F (100C)




How? How does this blend taste EXACTLY like a piece of cake?? We’re not sure what kind of magic is happening here, but Tea Consultant Marisa Cunningham hit a bullseye with this one! On creating her blend, Marisa invoked the flavors of a patriotic picnic. “Nothing says summer like a nice piece of strawberry shortcake on a nice sunny day, especially on the 4th of July!” We love this blend for its guilt-free cakey goodness and its smile inspiring visual appeal.


One part Strawberry Pepper

One part Royal Birthday Wishes Rooibos

Brew 3 – 4 minutes at 200F (95C)

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