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Tea Talk: The Knitty-Gritea

Hannah wearing her knitted Nightshift shawl and holding a cup of tea.

I’ve been knitting almost as long as I’ve been drinking tea. Both are things that I learned from my mom, she introduced me to tea when I was three or four and she taught me to knit when I was eight. I’ve found that tea and knitting are the perfect pair; both can excite or relax, and both are appropriate as solitary or social activities.

Recently I made Andrea Mowry’s Nightshift Shawl with Spincycle Yarns Dream State. This yarn is a colorful adventure which kept me in a constant state of wonder and excitement. I found that Empress Chai paired well with this knit because its complex and spicy flavors complemented the variegated colorways of the yarn and the intricate stitch pattern.

Hannah's work-in-progress Weekender sweater, still on the knitting needles, on a table next to a cup of tea.

I’m currently knitting the Weekender sweater (also by Andrea Mowry) in Stone Wool Cormo. The yarn and the sweater pattern are a more relaxed and easy knit so a light, fresh tea like Dragonwell is a more appropriate accompaniment. Knitting this sweater is a nice break from more complicated patterns, and drinking this tea is a refreshing change from drinking darker, spicier blends.

Tea and knitting are a perfect pairing. I often knit for hours at home, while drinking pot after pot of tea, but I also enjoy knitting in public, either at a coffee shop while trying a new tea, or at the park while drinking tea from my travel mug. My love of tea and knitting are both things I learned at an early age and will continue to enjoy for the rest of my life.

- Hannah Amos, Independent Tea Consultant, WA

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  • Nice tribute to your mom.


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