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Tea Talk: Jasmine Pearl Rice

Recently we asked our Tea Consultants to share some of the creative ways they use our tea. We received some wonderful and creative ideas like beauty scrubs and iced fruit infusions. Today we're featuring Jasmine Pearl Rice by Tea Consultant Nancy L. from Florida. We thought this idea in particular sounded so good due to its sheer “why didn't I think of that” factor, so we decided to try it!

Nancy told us, “When I brew tea for cooking, like the Jasmine Pearl for rice, I steep as usual except I make it a little stronger by using more tea than if I was drinking it. I'm substituting the water in the recipe for the brewed tea.” The combination of light fluffy rice with the delicate taste of the jasmine was the perfect pairing. See our walkthrough below and try it yourself!

Two glass cups, one with jasmine pearl tea and the other with white rice, in front of an automatic tea brewer on a kitchen counter.



  1. Heat the two cups of water to 180°F and brew a strong cup of Jasmine Pearl green tea for three minutes (we used our Automatic Tea Brewer and two scoops of tea using a Perfect Pot of Tea Spoon).
  2. Follow your favorite rice's cooking instructions, substituting water with your strong Jasmine Pearl brew. 
  3. After your rice finishes cooking, fluff with a fork and serve. We garnished the top of our bowl with an unfurled tea pearl for extra flair!

Bowl of Jasmine Pearl Rice beside a teacup and infuser with unfurled jasmine pearls on a kitchen counter.


  • I love this idea, so simple and it sounds delicious!

  • I have not tried that yet, but if that has and nice taste to your rice, would that work with other flavored teas to add a nice flavor to your rice, I have flavored rice with different spices (like cinnamon for one) with a little butter and that worked for me, I like this idea of using a tea if you like the flavor of any tea just thing of that flavor in your rice,

    Norman Covert

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