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Tales of a Traveling Tea Queen Vol. 2

Doirs the tea trailer
Glamorous and fulfilling as a Tea Queen's daily life may be, a little time away is sometimes a welcome interlude. Enter Doris, the tea trailer, to the R & R rescue! 


After having been swept clean and loaded with the essentials (bottled water, tins of Empress Chai and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies), Doris was ready to be hitched to her trusty tow vehicle. Not a huge feat, granted, but still, an accomplishment for a queen with small hands to have done for the first time without the assistance of her knight in shining armor.

When Tea Queen T, who shall be referred to as Gladys to preserve her identity, arrived from her voyage across the Sound on the ferry, all that remained was to load her gear as well as the faithful Tea Dog, Sally. Now Doris the tea trailer was true to her moniker, Tea for Three.

A restful night in Doris, on the driveway, was all the little troupe needed to convince them they were ready to hit the highway for the trek across North Kitsap. Twenty minutes into their journey, they arrived at their destination, the beautiful Kitsap Memorial State Park.

Kitsap Memorial State Park in Washington State

Little wonder weddings are often held there, with the incredibly romantic views of the Hood Canal from the charming, rustic hall, perfectly situated to catch the evening sunsets over the majestic Olympic Mountains. Truly a venue fit for a Queen! Though when Julie Ann, Gladys, and Sally dog explored on their walkies on this warm but breezy late September afternoon, it was empty and quiet, except for the seagulls calling out as if complaining of the intrusion.

Sally the dog sleeping in her sweater

Back in Doris, the three found their own solitude, each curled up with a cuppa and a good book. Well, Sally the dog was simply curled up and sleeping, but so cozy wearing her newly mended autumn sweater.

And that was how the threesome happily spent the majority of their weekend away. Rest and relaxation.

A wedding in Kitsap Memorial State Park with tables in the forest and strings of lights hanging from the trees

They were, however, delighted to have happened upon an actual wedding on their evening walkies. The already lovely setting had been magically transformed with gorgeous table settings, twinkle lights, music and joyful chatter and laughter.

Tea time with two traditional teacups and a stainless steel goosenecked teapot

Back in their snug rig that night, with the rain playing its soothing melody on Doris' roof above them, the friends toasted the happy couple with china tea cups by battery operated candle light.

May their journey through life together bring as much peace to the soul as a weekend away in a little trailer with good friends!

Julie Ann, Gladys, and Sally the dog outside Doris the tea trailer

Cheers and happy trails to you from Tea Queen Julie Ann (Gladys and Sally, too)!

- Julie Ann, Independent Tea Consultant, WA

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