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Spotlight On: Victoria Cooper

Tea Queen Victoria Cooper holding a bone china tea cup

Why did you decide to be a Tea Consultant with Tea Queens?

Ever since I was 15, I was inspired by Queen Mary’s Tea Room and dreamed of one day having my own tea business. I even secretly hoped to one day work for Queen Mary! Well, life happened. I moved to San Diego, got married, had kids and almost forgot that I had a passion for tea & hospitality. My dream did not die; it just got put on the shelf for 18 years.

Fast forward to September of 2017: I was gifted a Passion Planner. With my planner in hand, I sat down and listed all my lifetime dreams, goals, passions, and inspirations. I wrote down everything I would do if time, money, or health were not an issue. Tea business was on my list! My only problem is that I am a stay home mama of two, beginning my homeschooling journey. I don't have time to start a tea business. I'm booked for the next 20 plus years! I realized that I could fulfill my dream of owning my own tea business if I partnered with an already established tea business.

Enter Tea Queens. November 2017, I found Tami Kowal on Facebook. She was/is a Tea Queen. She had an inspirational Facebook business page and an authentic passion for tea. I was hooked and wanted to learn more. Thankfully I already had an established love for Queen Mary! I decided to take the leap of faith and signed up as a Tea Queen. I loved my Starter Kit! I could not wait to share the love of teatime with my friends!

What have you enjoyed the most as a new Tea Consultant?

Tea tasting! I have always been a faithful "Golden Monkey" tea drinker but the Starter Kit quickly got me out of my comfort zone. Before you know it, I was in love with all the different delicious flavors and choices. I find myself wondering when my next teatime will be. Being a Tea Consultant has only confirmed my love and passion for tea!

Being a Tea Consultant has been such an honor and an adventure. I am also enjoying connecting with other tea loving moms. With all the chaos going on, teatime has become my way of creating community with my family & friends. We all need some more love and tea in our life!

What advice would you give to a new Tea Consultant?

  1. Know your what & why (tap into your passions & motivations)
  2. Take daily action towards building your tea business (serve others)
  3. Share your story (don’t sell, share).

Any tips to share? Social Media Strategies:

Building a business takes time and commitment. People will not buy from you if they do not trust you or like you. A great place to build connection with your target market is through Facebook Groups. I started a closed community called Teatime Mommy Lounge on Facebook. It is a safe place to share my passion for tea without being salesy.

My main mission is to help busy tea loving moms discover how easy it is to brew the perfect cup of tea using loose leaf tea; so they can use the art of teatime to de-stress and connect with God, self, and others. Knowing who your target market is very important. If you decide to use Facebook Groups to build a tea business with Tea Queens; use the group as a place to serve & connect with your target market. If you stay committed, you will see the group grow and you will build a community that loves you & Tea Queens.


  • I loved reading your story, Victoria, as I am in the same stage of life, wanting to focus on homeschooling my children. It’s nice to have something like Tea Queens that fits so pleasantly into our lives. ☕️Your Teatime Mommy Lounge on FB sounds brilliant! 👌

    Jesse Danson
  • Tori
    I do like you story. We are happy for you – being a stay home mom and finding a passion therein that helps others as well. Tea is a timeless treat for all to enjoy. Blessings to you, Billy and family.


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