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Spotlight On: Megan Hogan

Tea Consultant Megan Hogan


Introducing Tea Consultant Megan. She has proven that our best customers become our most successful Tea Consultants!

My name is Megan Hogan, and I’m a proud new Tea Queen! Here’s a little more about me and my new business venture…

Becoming a Tea Queen has happened at a really exciting time for me. Both of my kids are now in full day elementary school, and despite volunteering at school and a full schedule of extracurricular activities, I’m finally able to find some time for myself. So now what do I do? Well… I don’t have enough time to devote to a typical job, with a commute and full shift; I’d really like to reconnect with myself and my friends after being a full time mom for several years, so Tea Queens is the perfect solution for me. I get to chat and reconnect with friends and neighbors while enjoying tea and sharing something that I’m truly passionate about.

I’ve been an enthusiastic tea drinker as long as I can remember. When I was young, my mom and I would stay up snuggling on the couch, watching movies together, drinking herbal tea. To this day drinking tea is a very calming, comforting thing for me. Tea has remained an important part of my life; I joke “when in doubt, make tea” because I use it for so many moments in life, both big and small, happy or sad. Becoming a Tea Queen has enabled me to drink more tea with my friends and family. Between my amazing starter kit and all the tea I’ve purchased with my discount, I have something for everyone and every occasion. This is what I’ve enjoyed most about becoming a Consultant, greater access to amazing teas and exclusive seasonal blends.

I’m really passionate about drinking tea, especially full leaf tea, so it’s easy for me to share my experience and knowledge of tea with others. The fact that I can honestly promote Tea Queens because my family and I drink it on a daily basis is something I feel good about. Before becoming a Consultant I had some health issues that lead me to make serious life-style changes. As silly as it sounds, a major hurdle for me was giving up coffee. I was having serious bouts of gastritis and reflux, among other health problems, so coffee had to go. Now, I wasn’t just a cup or two a day type of coffee drinker, I measured my coffee consumption by half or full pots. Giving up coffee was a real struggle, especially as a sleep deprived mother of two. Enter Tea Queens. I kicked my coffee habit, completed a Whole30, and have recovered my good health. This experience in particular is something that I have shared with friends before and after becoming a Consultant. I would encourage every Consultant to speak from the heart. In my experience, people respond to sincerity. As a Consultant, I’m not just plugging tea to acquaintances, I’m sharing something I use and believe in personally.

My last tip to someone starting out as a Tea Consultant would be to get to know your teas. Try as many Tea Queens teas as you can. I had a big head start on people new to this business because I was a serious customer first, but even still there were teas I hadn’t tried. I’ve made a conscious effort to branch out and try as many teas as I can, so that I can give an honest opinion and personal description of the tea I’m selling. So far it’s worked pretty well with my close friends. Once I know what types of foods and flavors someone likes, I can make informed suggestions on which teas they’ll enjoy most.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my tea journey, I’m excited to see where it will take me next, good luck everyone!

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