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Spotlight On: Brittany Spruell

Tea Consultant Brittany Spruell

Tea Consultant Brittany is on the team of previous Spotlight Consultant Kyauna Turner. We spoke with her about what it's like being a new Tea Consultant.

Why did you decide to be a Tea Consultant with Tea Queens?

I decided to sell Tea Queens because I loved it so much that I wanted my family, and friends to know about it too.

What have you enjoyed the most as a new Tea Queens Consultant?

Getting to know more people around me is what I have enjoyed the most (and trying all the amazing tea).

What advice would you give to a new Tea Consultant?

Some advice I would give a new Consultant is try all the tea you can! It makes a big difference when you know what you're selling, and it gives you insight on the different teas.

Any tips to share with new Tea Consultants?

A tip I would share is just have fun with the tea tasting and parties. It's fun to listen to everyone talk about this amazing tea that brought them together.

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