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Our Tea Has Meaning

Tea can be your moment of peace, a great conversation, or a sweet escape.

For Tea Queens, tea means more than just dried leaves in hot water. For us, this exquisite cup can lead to the opportunity to help create wonderful experiences and possibly the life of your dreams!

By owning and operating a tearoom for almost 30 years, I have been fortunate to watch and be a part of my customers and their families create their own memories over a simple cup of tea.

Now with the creation of Tea Queens our Direct Selling opportunity, you can build your own tea business. Our tea consultants bring our delicious tea to you through at home tea tasting parties!

Each and every tea has been selected from the best sources and chosen through multiple taste testings. We take pride in making sure that only the highest quality tea is passed on to our customers. You can be assured that I only share what I love and I look forward to sharing my tea with you!






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