Celebrate the Season with Tea Queens

Celebrate the Season with Tea Queens

Independent Tea Consultant Melony H. joined Tea Queens this August. She recently hosted a fabulous tea party that embodies everything we do here at Tea Queens. We asked her to tell us about her get-together and share any tips she had for hosting a festive holiday party.


I love to throw tea parties and part of the menu has always included serving high-quality loose leaf tea from Tea Queens. When I decided to become a Tea Queen myself I knew I wanted to kick off my business with a celebratory tea tasting for my good friends.

I had ten lovely ladies attend, some of whom had never had loose leaf tea in their lives! What an eye-opener and privilege for them to have their first taste be a quality Tea Queens tea. There was lots of laughter, eating of yummy desserts, and just a few trips to “the ladies,” as the British say, because they just could not stop drinking pot after pot of delicious tea. I stocked several of the limited-edition seasonal teas as well as those we were tasting for immediate purchase. People had lots of questions about tea and, since I still have a lot to learn, I found the Tea Queens catalog to be very helpful regarding the different types of tea, what their benefits are, and how to brew them.

My takeaway from the tasting was that people definitely tend to buy what they try, so if I can just get the “tea to the people” I don’t need to try and sell anything. The tea truly speaks for itself. I’m already planning another tea tasting for later this year with the special holiday teas and free Filigree Infuser! I think the key in planning for next time is to continue to keep it simple…focus on the tea. And I plan on having my new Tea Queens team member attend to help with details and get ideas on how to have her very own unique tea tasting!


– Melony H., Independent Tea Consultant, WA

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